Mobile Responsive Web Design

Understanding What Mobile Friendly Really Is...

Your website may need to be displayed on smaller devices (Mobiles & Tablets) in addition to Desktops (PC, Mac or Laptop). There are two solutions to consider.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive web design will ensure your website is optimised for viewing on smaller device screens by adjusting to the screen size / resolution automatically. You see the same desktop site but with scaled elements for the smaller screen on mobiles and tablets; using “breakpoints”. As the site scales down, there is no “classic” version of the site. Our site is an example of mobile responsive – just scale your browser window or view on a mobile device.

Mobile Website

A mobile website is developed as a new separate entity (a new copy of your desktop website). This will need its own domain (typically ""). The site will be optimised only for mobile screens and load on detection or specific URL load. In this way you can switch between mobile and classic on your chosen device. Google is an example of a site that uses device / browser detection to display the appropriate site. You will see different versions loading for mobile vs desktop.

Is Your Site Awesome?

Check out the Google Mobile Friendly Test to analyse your site. Have a look at our Portfolio for examples of mobile friendly sites and get in touch to find out how we can help, with your existing or new web project. It is important to consider mobile devices, especially with #Mobilegeddon that could mean mobile rankings being affected.

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